Friday, June 3, 2011

Gallery Artist Sarah Anne Johnson in Xtra Article

Artists Revisit Troubling History of Women's Health in Canada

"Toronto Women’s College Hospital is celebrating its centennial this year and marks the occasion with a photography exhibition called Being She: The Culture of Women's Health Through the Lens of Wholeness. Despite the many advances made in women's medical care over the past century, inviting women to weigh in on healthcare is a courageously self-reflective way for any hospital to celebrate a landmark year. An open discussion about women’s healthcare means confronting the medical industry's chilling complicity in denying women reproductive rights, moral panics around women's sexuality and the great divide between those who offer care and those who receive it...." - Sasha Van Bon Bon

This exhibition Being She will be at the Gladston Hotel from June 9th - June 15th. The opening reception is on June 9th from 7:30 - 10pm.

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