Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gallery Artist Sanaz Mazinani review in San Francisco Gate

Artists Who Won't Have to Scramble - The 2011 Stanford University MFA Exhibition

"This weekend offers the last days to catch the work of this year's graduating students from Stanford University's Art Department with "Scramble," an exhibition of work by five graduating artists for their final MFA Thesis. Given the stature of past graduates, Stanford's program seems to attract that already-accomplished artist who desires the credential of an MFA, which makes its shows a bit different than many other local schools. As it appears every one of the graduating MFA class already possesses a pretty solid track record of exhibitions, grants, and awards, it isn't surprising the work is at a high level. Artists Boo Chapple, Jacqueline Gordon, Dorian Katz, Sanaz Mazinani, and Jerome Reyes present a very polished thesis show that addresses topics of site, gender, identity, culture, environment, and heritage...." - JD Beltran

To read full article: www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/beltran/detail?entry_id=90824

Sanaz Mazinani Artist Page: www.bulgergallery.com/dynamic/fr_artist.asp?ArtistID=82

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