Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gabor Szilasi's Photographs Illustrate Audrey Sprenger's New Online Play - "Jack Kerouac"

Gabor Szilasi's photographs are currently featured in Audrey Sprenger's new online play "Jack Kerouac," which is featured on Reorbit.

Reorbit hosts a collection of plays performed in text by authors taking on a persona of their choosing as they go about their daily lives and misadventures. Follow them in real-time on this site or via the Twitter. There intent is to reengage audience interest in theater & literature through emerging new media technology and experiences. We are asking writers to write for free, however any proceeds we may be able to generate in the future will go into furthering this mission or be fairly distributed to authors for any writing we may republish.

To follow the play, please visit: http://reorb.it/play.php?p=22

To learn more about Reorbit please visit: http://reorb.it/

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