Friday, May 6, 2011

Contact Photography Festival review in BlogTo

This article includes a look at public installations, must-see exhibitions and a top 10 list from festival director Darcy Killeen.

CONTACT Photography Festival 2011

By Elena Potter / April 28, 2011

" The 2011 CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto is gearing up to launch this week, and with it photo madness is about to descend upon the city. Now in its 15th year, the festival has continued to grow even though it has already become the world's largest. Indeed, the scale of the festival and scope of exhibition locations can be overwhelming: this year features more public installations and 37 Featured Exhibitions, though the number of Primary Exhibitions--not-to-be-missed shows that anchor the festival in its theme-- remains more manageable at six. At Wednesday's media preview, however, artist Elle Flanders put it well when describing the thrill of seeing her work (a collaboration with Tamira Sawatzky) at mural size in the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MoCCA) coutryard: "Whoever said bigger isn't better--they lied," she quipped...." continued - blogTO

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