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March 12th, 3:00 PM


Dir. Ronald Neame (USA: 1972), 117 min

The Poseidon adventure is based off of the 1969 novel by Paul Gallico by the same name. The film involves a luxury ocean liner that is on its final voyage from New York to Athens. The liner is hit by a tsunami on the night of New Years Eve and as the boat capsizes, the captain (Leslie Nielsen) drowns, and many of the other passengers drown or are injured. Some of the surviving passengers rush to the top of the boat before it sinks being led by Reverend Frank Scott (Gene Hackman), a minister questioning his faith. The journey through the sinking ship includes many blocked exits, fast decision making and many other challenges throughout the passengers fight for their lives.

The film was the number one movie of 1973 and by the end of 1974 it was one of the sixth most successful feature films of all time. The Poseidon Adventure won an Oscar for Best Music (Original Song) for the song “The Morning After.” The film also was given a Special Achievement Award at the 1973 Academy Awards for Visual Effects. The film was nominated for 6 more Oscars that year including Best Actress in a supporting role (Shelley Winters,) Best Art Direction – set direction (William J. Creber, Raphael Bretton,) Best Cinematography (Harld E. Stine,) Best Costume Design (Paul Zastupnevich, Best film editing (Harold F. Kress) and for Best Sound (Theodore Soderberg and Herman Lewis.)

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