Thursday, February 17, 2011


February 19th , 3:00 pm


Dir. Daryl Duke (Canada: 1978), 106 mins

The Silent Partner is a Canadian crime film directed by Canadian Daryl Duke. Miles Cullen, played by Elliot Gould, plays a bank teller in a small Toronto mall. He learns that the bank he works at is about to be robbed and knows who is going to commit the crime. With this previous knowledge he puts the money he received that day into his lunchbox instead of the bank’s till. The robber, played by Christopher Plummer, ends up stealing much less money than the theft or the bank expected. Once the burglar realizes he has been outsmarted by Miles, a battle of wits begins for the hidden money and involves more people than either expected.

In 1978 The Silent Partner won 2 Canadian Film Awards for best picture and best director. The Silent Partner is also one of the few films to have a score composed by Oscar Peterson and features an early big-screen appearance by John Candy.

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