Friday, February 11, 2011


February 12th, 3:00pm


Dir Don McKellar (Canada: 1998), 95 mins

Last Night is a film that looks at the notion of knowing the exact minute the world is going to end. Set in Toronto, the film follows interconnecting characters during their last moments on Earth. Patrick Wheeler, played by the films director Don McKellar, plays a grieving widow hoping to spend his last hours alone, drink and remembering his deceased wife. Other characters in the film have different ideas of how they would like to spend their last night; whether it is being with family, dedicating their last moments to their personal business, living out sexual fantasies or committing suicide. In all the chaos and anarchy some find their wishes maybe impossible to fulfill.

The film has an almost entirely Canadian cast including Don McKellar, Sandra Oh, David Cronenberg and Sarah Polley.

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