Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BlogTO article about The Toronto Show

A photography show for Torontophiles

"As a lover of both contemporary and historical photos of this city, I consider Stephen Bulger's Toronto Show a particular treat. While I enjoy poring over old images on my computer screen, there's something refreshing about getting out and experiencing the "aura" of these pieces -- you know, that unique quality enjoyed by original works (or last surviving records) that functions to tie the past to the present, the creator to the viewer. And unless you're up for doing your own curatorial work at the Archives or interested in making a visit to the Market Gallery, the opportunities to see historical images of Toronto in person aren't as plentiful as one would imagine (where's our museum again?).

Although not intended to be comprehensive, the selection of photos on display here does broadly paint a picture of Toronto's development over the last 120 years or so. I wouldn't, however, say that there is a theme over and above the location in which each was shot. One gets the sense that many of the older photos were chosen on account of availability rather than for their ability to tell a specific story about the city. " - Derek Flack, http://www.blogto.com

For the entire article visit: www.blogto.com/arts/2011/01/a_photography_show_for_torontophiles/

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