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Reminder! Gallery Artist Dawn Woolley In Virtually Real Exhibition

Virtually Real

Blyth Gallery
Private View Tuesday 23 Nov 6 - 8.30 pm

24 Nov - 17 Dec 2009 Opening Times: Mon-Sun: 9am-9pm

Bruce Ingram
Grant W Miller
James Moore
Suzanne Moxhay
Julia Willms
Simon Woolham
Dawn Woolley

‘In these angles and corners, the dreamer would appear to enjoy the repose that divides being and non-being. He is the being of an unreality’ Gaston Bachelard

FROM the early origins of spatial realism in paintings to the flattened planes and spaces of modernism, the illusion of space has been a central aesthetic concern throughout the canon of art history.

In a visual culture where photography and CGI create facsimile spaces that are disposable and instantly digestible, this exhibition aims to bring together work that subverts the representation of space. Each work contains an element of trickery that confounds rather than confirms our expectations of reality. The artists ask the viewer to believe in the integrity of the scene, inviting them to look closer and explore the fiction of the space they have depicted.

In Dawn Woolley’s work the 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional are juxtaposed in a comment on reality and idealisation. While it is apparent that the female in the work is a photograph the viewer is invited to suspend their disbelief and see her as body and image simultaneously. Using photography, installation and stereoscopes Dawn aims to examine ‘… the idea that a 2-dimensional image can represent a 3-dimensional object. The arrangements of the cut-outs reveal the underside – the back of the image and a representational void.’ Dawn completed MA Photography at the Royal College of Art in 2008 and has works held in the collection of Kiyosato Musuem of Photographic Arts in Japan.

Blyth Gallery
level 5 Sherfield Building Imperial College [off Exhibition Road] SW7 2AZ
07790 015 340p

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