Friday, November 12, 2010

Gallery Artist Cynthia Greig Exhibition Opening In Amsterdam Tomorrow!

Nature Morte: The matter of art and life

13 Nov 2010 - 11 Dec 2010

Thursday till Saturday from 12 am to 6 pm

opening: 13 Nov 2010 - 5 to 7 pm - Hazenstraat 60 - Amsterdam

Witzenhausen Gallery is proud to present Nature Morte: The matter of art and life, CYNTHIA GREIG’s first European solo show. This exhibition will present a selection of photos and two video works from two of her most recent series: Nature Morte (2008, in progress) and Representations (2002-2008).

Since 1990 Cynthia Greig (Detroit, 1959) has been making work that explores the exchange of influence between perception and experience, and photography's unique role in negotiating what we believe to be real or true. Before Representations (2002-2008), Greig explored these matters either through installation-like exhibitions or through photographs that challenged our perception of scale. In the series New Eden: The Life and Work of Isabelle Raymond (1993 to present), she created a fictional XIXth century cross-dressing female photographer; Greig made her own XIXth century-like photographs and text accompanying the images, in order to stress the power of photographic documents in the reconstruction of historical facts. In Life-Size (2001-2003), tiny objects are blown up to life-size while being held by gigantic human finger tips; inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver, Greig explores how perception can deceive our understanding of the truth and shows us again that photography can act as an obstacle when discerning between fact and fiction.

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