Saturday, October 9, 2010


October 9th 2:00 PM

This film will play before each Saturday Screening from October 2nd - November 6th:


Dir. Larry Towell (Canada: 2008), 40 mins

In 2001 he was given a small video camera and began to maintain a video diary while working in Israel and Palestine. In his 40 minute documentary "Indecisive Moments" - this won the “Achievement in Filmmaking for a Documentary” award at the 2007 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, also known as “the voice of indie film” - Larry Towell documents events and perspectives, of those who are caught in violence. The result is a highly personal documentary from the perspective of one of the world’s most acclaimed photojournalists. "Indecisive Moments" bridges the gap between artist and reporter bringing the viewer inside Towell's highly stylized world.

3:00 PM


Dir. Clint Eastwood (USA: 2006), 132 mins.

In February 1945, one of the fiercest battles during World War II occurred on the tiny island of Iwo Jima. Thousands of Marines attacked the stronghold maintained by thousands of Japanese soldiers, and the slaughter on both sides is horrific. Early in the battle, an American flag is raised atop the Mountain Suribachi, and a photograph of the flag raising becomes an American cause for celebration. As a powerful inspiration to war-sick Americans, the photo becomes a symbol of the Allied cause. The three surviving flag raisers, Rene Gagnon, John Bradley, and Ira Hayes, are whisked back to civilization to help raise funds for the war effort. The accolades for heroism heaped upon the three men become very difficult to bear. The soldiers are at odds with their own personal realizations that thousands of real heroes lie dead in Iwo Jima, and that their own contributions to the fight are only symbolic and not deserving of the singling out they are experiencing. Each of the three men must come to terms with the honors, exploitation, and grief that they face simply for being in a photograph.

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