Monday, October 18, 2010

Gallery Artist Larry Towell Featured On Think CONTRA Blog

Larry Towell’s Photographic Musings Invade Bulger Gallery
Posted by Drew Penner

In a straw hat and spectacles Larry Towell floats around the Queen West gallery space housing his latest exhibit, speaking calmly through an impressive beard. He looks every bit the part of the pensive artist — he used to be a folk music teacher, after all.

Esteemed by artists and an inspiration to fans who have followed his career for decades, the first Canadian-born member of the Magnum photo agency, refers to the black and white images in the room (close ups depicting homes and landscapes bruised by calamity) as “poetic abstractions” and “personalities.”

But don’t be fooled, this guy is hardcore.

The man has played witness to some of mankind’s greatest struggles in the last 40-odd years. His break into the magazine world explored the ecological damages from the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Recently he’s depicted the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake through the lens. He continues to return to Afghanistan to shoot powerful images, like those pictures of worn skulls lying beside bones strewn about inside the remnants of an Afghan dwelling, on display here at the Stephen Bulger Gallery.

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