Saturday, September 11, 2010


September 11th 3:00 PM


Dir. Stan Douglas(2006), all day on loop.

Klatsassin refashions Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon (1950), a tale of murder with a narrative told from four different viewpoints, as a western rooted in the historical context of the Gold Rush and the annexation of land along Canada’s west coast. Named after the Tsîlhqot’in Chief who stood accused of leading an insurrection in 1864, which led to the deaths of ten road-builders and the so-called Chilcotin War, the film comprises twenty-seven scenes looped together in various random combination's on an ongoing basis. As it can run without repetition for more than seventy hours, with each character telling his version of events, Klatsassin presents an endless array of possibilities, destroying conventional senses of time, memory, perspective and truth. It will screen continuously during gallery hours in Camera Cinema every day of the Festival. – Laurel MacMillan

Presented in collaboration with the Toronto International Film Festival's Future Projections programme.

This film is being shown 11am-6pm from September 9th-19th all day in the cinema. (Excluding Monday September 13th)

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