Monday, September 6, 2010

Gallery Artist Laura Letinsky Featured in Confidence Album with the Academy of Archivists

The Confidence Album of Laura Letinsky

by Claire Cottrell

Laura Letinsky, Morning, and Melancholia, Untitled #40, Rome , 2001

Describe your creative process.

Think, make, look (repeat ad infinitum and not necessarily in this order)

What do you love most about photography?

I've really more of a love/hate relationship with the medium. That it seems to give us the here and now but never really fulfills its promise... it's the structure of desire and who doesn't like that? The transformation the medium performs on the world remains beguiling for me. It is important to me that the picture is the thing, that is, if you walked into my studio you would never see the photograph until it is made.

What is your inspiration?

I feel self conscious using that word, "inspiration" for as much as it's integral to making art, it's such a small part of the process. I make art because there's a sense that someone needs to make this thing and I'm the only one who can. That if I didn't do it, I'd go mad? I'm moved as much by painting, music, literature, and poetry as by the warm sun, biting into a freshly picked tomato, the bite of bitterly sharp winter air...

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