Friday, September 3, 2010

Gallery Artist Laura Letinsky Featured on the Black/ Francis Blog

Laura Letinsky

We elevate our intellect with Laura Letinsky:

How do you define beauty?

It’s a combination of aesthetic pleasure, sensorial pleasure that is abiding and makes you experience things with intensity and longevity. There is an intellectual aspect to it – body and mind.

What attracts you?

Beauty is a kind of engagement that is complex and perplexing and sometimes confounding or provoking as opposed to something that is not sustaining, a fleeting thing like chocolate ice cream. It is something that is more engaging, makes me think about what I’m experiencing as opposed to just a reassuring or comforting experience. Yet high and low can both be attractive simultaneously. I try to consider ideas and experiences that are part of the everyday as opposed to always being elevated. I’m as attracted to a Givenchy bag as I am to the work of my garden and getting a tomato that I’ve planted. I like to wear and use objects, I can’t think of something as beautiful if they can’t be touched or used.

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