Monday, July 19, 2010

News From The Robert Giard Foundation

This spring we premiered the first Robert Giard Fellowship project by 2009-2010 award winner Sonali Gulati.

Her film, "I AM," is a brilliant depiction of the difficulties of coming out as a lesbian in India. It was especially timely and important since it was made just as the Indian Parliament was debating the current law which punished homosexual activity between men or women.

We are very pleased that the fellowship allowed Sonali to finish this important film.

"I feel really fortunate for being the first recipient of the Robert Giard Foundation Fellowship and plan to live up to the responsibility that I've been entrusted with in broadening the representation of gender and sexuality through my creative work." -- Sonali Gulati

If you are interested in applying to the Robert Giard Fellowship, please click;

Submission deadline is November 15 2010

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