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Gallery Artist Anthony Koutras featured at Under New Management

Under New Management
July 6 to August 28, 2010
780 Queen Street West (side door, facing Trinity Bellwoods Park )

Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Friday 11 am – 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 6pm
GRAND OPENING Saturday July 10th from 2 pm – 6pm

The Question: Does your local store meet your local needs?
The Answer: Join us this summer as we introduce four new stores – under The New Management!

After extensive customer research, The New Management is taking over your local store with an innovative and responsive concept that focuses on the needs of our customers and their communities. With a new approach to the local shop, “Impact Store Concept” puts forth a new kind of store designed to become an intrinsic part of the neighborhoods we service. The first of its kind, The New Management’s store, located at 780 Queen Street West reacts to the trends of the Trinity Bellwoods ‘hood, offering the right product mix and pricing, service delivery and a whole new brand of interior design and merchandising concepts that uses a diversified blend of the latest materials to highlight the local market’s distinctive character.

The New Management storefront installations, under the “Impact Store Concept,” allow us to continually evolve and stay competitive as leaders in the mini-market channel. This initiative is generated on an individual store development process, reinforces the strength of our brand by addressing the uniqueness of each market. Our ability to act and react quickly to new situations gives us a versatility not found in conventional corporate environments.

Under New Management’s ongoing installations featuring the work of Bill Clarke, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Eric Glavin, Anthony Koutras, Catherine Lane, Gary Mac Leod, and Kelly Mark.

July 5 – 24, 2010

Conveniently offering you cultural products by Mallory Diaczun, Emelie Chhangur, Jesse Harris, Kerri Reid, José Ruiz, and Ryan Watkins-Hughes.

ATM Available Outside
An alternative ATM is available for eager customers to withdraw cold hard cash located at 952 Queen Street West. BANK on ART is a uniquely functional ATM, which presents images produced by contemporary artists before and after each banking transaction. A text work produced by Lawrence Weiner is featured as part of Under New Management and will remain on view from July 5th - 18th.

Everything Must Go
July 25 – August 2, 2010

This is the BIG Blow-Out Sale , the Total Sell Off with LOW LOW Prices. Rendering in charcoal, pastel, and gouache, artist Kim Beck’s signs announce an amazing, momentous, but also catastrophic, clearance event.

Video Rental & Newmedialand
August 3 – 14, 2010

Frankly, we're not your typical video store. Far from it! In fact, Under New Management is a virtual entertainment funhouse allowing you to pay-what-you-wish. We have many rare titles! And a unique rental policy!

In conjunction with the Video Rental Store Ulysses Castellanos presents an equipment rental section, Newmedialand. Featuring outdated consumer electronics that were (until very recently) considered to be “new media” exploring the idea of obsolescence in contemporary culture.

Video works by Artlitwell, Chris Blanchenot, Atanas Bozdarov, Eugénie Cliche, Jonathan Culp, Mark Dudiak, Dominic Gagnon, Daniel Gallay, Sandra Gregson, Troy Gronsdahl, Rodrigo Hernandez-Gomez, Lynne Heller, Adam Herst, Mel Hogan, Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens, Jesika Joy, Liz Knox, Eva Kolcze, Steve Laurie, Toni Latour, Lisa Lipton, Ian MacTilstra, Sean Meggeson, Alex Moon, Sandy Moore, Scott M2, Les Newman, Milena Placentile, Cherie O’Connor, Jade Rude, Zorica Vasic, Nikki White… And Many More

August 19 – 28, 2010

CN TOWER LIQUIDATION always offers you MORE with custom packages, competitive rates, and great selection. Don’t be fooled by imposters! We specialize in the dematerialization and reconstitution of your prized possessions. Watch as your cherished objects get transformed into archival cubes.

The New Management
Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot is an independent curator/artist and the Assistant Curator at the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU). Previously she held the positions as Outreach Programmer for the Blackwood Gallery and the Art Gallery of Mississauga and Professional Development and Public Programmes Coordinator at the Ontario Association of Art Galleries.

Carte-Blanchenot has produced such exhibitions as Man’s Ruin, Office Space/Public Space and Shameless Promotion. She also focuses on event based interventions and infiltrations working with such as events Massive Party, PowerBall, AIDSBeat and Toronto Alternative Fashion Week. She sits on the Board of Directors for C Magazine and is the former undefeated Pillow Fight Champion of the World.

Su-Ying Lee currently works as an independent curator while pursing a Master of Visual Studies, Curatorial degree at the University of Toronto . She also sits on the Board of Directors at Mercer Union. While at the Art Gallery of Mississauga as Assistant Curator, Lee curated several projects including: Explorers and Dandies in an open letter to Canada Post: Frederick Hagan & Kent Monkman was an exhibition that was accompanied by a petition to Canada Post in support of appointing Kent Monkman to be an official postage stamp artist; Couch surfing in Mississauga/Couch surfing in Syracuse: Alison S.M. Kobayashi & Christina Kolozsvary was an exhibition generated from a residency and exchange established by Lee; The Rug: Harrell Fletcher and Wendy Red Star was commissioned by Lee, allowing the artists to realize a project which took them on an investigative journey into fair trade and industry. Lee is interested in the capacity of a curator as an active agent, conspirator, and accomplice.

Staff: Katherine Hong, Exhibition Assistant and Caitlin Tobiasz, Curatorial Intern

Under New Management has been generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, The City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, The Production Kitchen, Service Canada, Mercer Union, Art Gallery of York University, Carte-Blanche Photography, NOW Magazine, and Atanas Bozdarov

The New Management would like to sincerely thank The Art Gallery of York University, Katrina & Matthew Armstrong, Chris Blanchenot, Atanas Bozdarov, Siya Chen, Emelie Chhangur, Durnan Jackman Saffer, Filip, Kirsten Gauthier, Eric Glavin, Katherine Hong, Maria Legault, Jennifer Matotek, Kelly McCray, Mercer Union, Dawn-Marie Mills, The Power Plant, Jade Rude, David Saffer, Caitlin Tobiasz, Etienne Turpin, Walter Willems, Cecilia Yanga and Julie Zalucky for their generosity, patience, and support.

The New Management is a proud sponsor of the Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank.

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