Friday, February 26, 2010

Submit Your Photos to Photosensitive's "Cancer Connections" Exhibition

Photograph by Marilyn Jarrett , © PhotoSensitive

Photosensitive' s "Cancer Connections" exhibit shows photographs of those who's lives have been affected by cancer. These images document the lives of people who have personally had cancer, who have lost a loved one to the disease, who have been involved in cancer research and also people who care for those who are sick. In partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society, this exhibition hopes to spread light on a disease that effects so many.

The Vancouver exhibition of Photosensitive's "Cancer Connections" will be at the Granville Square Plaza, 200 Granville Street, from April 20th - May 2nd. The exhibit will also be going to Calgary in May and to Ottawa in June (deadlines to be confirmed.)

Interested in submitting a photo?
You can upload an image directly on the website, email your photo to, or if you only have a hardcopy, send it James Burns at 4242 Rockwood rd, Mississauga Ontario, L4W 1L8.

Submission requirements: preferably black and white, 20 x 16 at 300 dpi, jpg or tiff format. Also include a 50 word caption describing the photo and the individual's experience with cancer.

The deadline for submissions for the Vancouver exhibit is February 28th, 2010.

Link to Photosensitive's Cancer Connections:

Link to Canadian Cancer Society exhibition:

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