Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sarah Anne Johnson's new exhibition "Dancing with the Doctor"

Where: Ace Art Gallery, 2nd fl, 290 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg MB
Reception: Friday, February 5th, 7pm
Runs - 6th February – 5th March 2010
Artist talk - Saturday 6th February , 2pm
6 live performances, limited seating per show, booking is essential!

"Local favourite, Sarah Anne Johnson, artist of international acclaim and 2008 Grange Prize winner to debut new work at aceartinc.

Dancing with The Doctor is a continuation of House on Fire, which examined the medical abuse suffered by Johnson's grandmother, Val Orlikow, in CIA-funded experiments.

This choreographed installation is a significant departure for Johnson- it includes her first performance work and the results are as extraordinary as they are moving. Few contemporary artists would take this risk in their practice and the vein tingling excitement she has engendered make this is an absolute must-see. Winnipeg has an art coup on its hands.

The exhibition features life-sized stage sets based on rooms from the original dollhouse in House on Fire. Contemporary dancers, (Ming Hon, Holly Treddenick and Tanja Woloshen,) dressed in costumes also designed by Johnson, perform on the sets, embodying the women haunted by a CIA Doctor’s dreadful experiments."

Performance Times are:
Saturday, Feb. 6 - 7pm
Sunday, Feb. 7 - 2pm
Friday, Feb. 12 - 7pm
Saturday, Feb. 13 - 7pm
Sunday, Feb. 14 - 2pm

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