Saturday, November 21, 2009


November 21st, 2009

Lieux Mêmes

3:00 PM


Dir. Bertrand Carrière (Canada: 2009) 9 min. 40 sec.

Chemins de cendres, a project that developed out of an ongoing photo series “Lieux Mêmes” retraces images of the Western Front taken by an unknown Canadian photographer during the First World War. Projected as a dual-frame display, the video juxtaposes still video shots of current day sites related to the WW1 -battlefields, rubble-strewn streets, soldier’s portraits in cemeteries, against travel views through train windows in France and Belgium. Opposing stillness and motion, the video becomes a journey of visual and sound contrasts between fixed historical narratives and the changing views of modern memory.


Dir. Peter Weir (Australia: 1981) 110 min.

Archy Hamilton (Mark Lee) is an idealistic young Australian rancher with a talent for running. When Australia is putting together regiments to help the British war effort for World War I, he abandons his athletic pursuits and treks off to Perth with his fellow runner and friend Frank Dunne (Mel Gibson), and enlists in the army. They are sent to Gallipoli, where they encounter the might of the Turkish army.

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