Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clive Holden - The Auteurs: Trains of Winnipeg

The Auteurs: Trains of Winnipeg - 14 Film Poems is now available for viewing everywhere on The Auteurs:

The Auteurs, avant garde and experimental in its filmmaking, has received widespread and high quality distribution. The Auteurs is the Criterion Collection's ON-LINE distributor. From their website: "The Auteurs is a website making great films from prominent festivals around the world accessible to anyone through high-definition video streaming. Together with online film viewing, we bring together the most original coverage of festivals, filmmaking, and cinema culture in the form of an online film magazine. Finally, we unite film watching and film criticism with film discussion by allowing users to rate and review films, as well as discuss cinema in our forums."

Please Note: the first 200 viewings are FREE.

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