Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flash Forward 2009 Opens Tomorrow at Lennox Contemporary

Flash Forward 2009

October 8 – 25

Book Launch and Reception
: Thursday October 8, 7 – 10 pm
Location: Lennox Contemporary: 12 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6J 2Y7

Now in it’s 5th year, Flash Forward 2009, is Toronto’s most expansive exhibition of contemporary photography. The show is international in scope featuring emerging artists from Canada, the United States and Great Britain. Flash Forward 2009 is an opportunity to view and acquire photography by some of the worlds most dynamic young photographers.

Curator’s Note

by Sara Knelman

Welcome to the 2009 edition of The Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward. This fifth-anniversary collection showcases the most exciting work from emerging photographers in Canada, the UK and the US. The project continues to grow, reaching new and wider audiences as both a publication and a touring exhibition, becoming an invaluable resource for everyone invested in the development of the photographic arts.

On behalf of the 10 members of this international jury, I’d like to thank The Magenta Foundation for the opportunity to see the work of so many talented individuals dedicated to making, and sharing, their photographs. This edition was created from the ever-increasing volume of submissions, and the final selects bring to light work by more artists than ever before, with 30 from each country.

In 1851, more than 150 years ago, six million people came to see the photographs on display at London’s Great Exhibition, the world’s inaugural public exhibition of photography. About a century later, Edward Steichen’s touring exhibition The Family of Man also drew record crowds and welcomed a new era of recognition for the medium. In the last half-century, technological advances and widespread access to photography have led to a proliferation of photographic images in and outside art museums, which has in turn contributed to a newfound global visual literacy—a determined, often urgent need to understand and connect with the world through images.

All of the photographers whose unique contributions make up Flash Forward 2009 are driven by a similar desire to help us make these connections. The photos in this book reflect an unprecedented moment in time and generate a visual intelligence that ultimately empowers a raised consciousness of the world we share now. They offer powerful glimmers of understanding and help illuminate our complex relationship to photography.

Each artist in this collection frames an individual vision of the world, building on almost two centuries of photographic history and helping to define the future of the medium.

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