Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunil Gupta curates Images of Desire : Queer Fantasy

Queer subcultures the world over have been the repository of fantastical other lives. In the face of oppressive realities they have famously responded by honing their powers of expressive imagination; be it in language or dress codes. Images have played a very significant role in this. We share a hidden art history only now becoming an appropriate subject for investigation. At times like now, post 377, there is a shift in societal norms and empower us to make visible our desires. How would you visualise your queer fantasies?

The Nigah Queerfest '09 invites you to share your queer fantasies. Send us a queer fantasy image - photos, collages, illustrations, or any other kind of scanned artwork that you can email. Submission guidelines:

1. Images must be submitted in digital format in highest possible resolution to: photo@nigah.org
2. Please include the following information with each photograph: Title (if any), Place, Year
3. Please include contact information, if applicable, for our records.
4. All submissions are due by October 10th, 2009.
5. Entries may be anonymous. But you must still submit contact details, your name or details will not be made public.
6. Entries may be modified in terms of size for display purposes. No modification or alteration of content will be undertaken.
7. Photographs submitted to The Nigah Queerfest'08 may be used for non- commercial, educational purposes, or in promotional material for the exhibit.
8. Entries submitted indicate an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of The Nigah QueerFest.

About the curator: As an artist, curator, writer, teacher and cultural activist, Sunil Gupta challenges stereotypes and questions beliefs, by exploring issues of race, gender, and sexuality, and related issues of access, place, and identity. Gupta's photographs are autobiographical, drawing on his experiences as a gay man of colour living with HIV who moves fluidly within the landscapes, traditions, and cultures of his native India, and his adopted homes in Canada and England. He has been widely shown around the world, and is now based in New Delhi. For more information: www.sunilgupta.net

We welcome all contributions!

Please forward widely.

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