Monday, July 6, 2009

Zeno’s Artistic Debut With Pierre Tremblay and the Stephen Bulger Gallery at Nuit Blanche, October 4, 2008

Pierre Tremblay, artist and faculty at Ryerson’s School of Image Arts, has created the first artistic installation for Zeno’s new medium for Nuit Blanche displayed at the Stephen Bulger Gallery. The new medium uses the basic principles of film, a sequence of still pictures moving at a certain speed causes the appearance of motion - except instead of the pictures moving through a movie projector, the pictures are stationary and the viewer is the projector as he or she walks by. Tremblay’s project “Proximity” explores his surroundings. Wanting to bring our attention to Lake Ontario his work was inspired by a photograph taken by his son of his daughter in Scarborough on the bluffs. For Nuit Blanche Tremblay adopted the Zeno technology to create a playful sequence, a sort of dance and interactive experience in which the viewer has to move to create the movement in the piece.

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