Friday, July 31, 2009

Clive Holden: Ken Dryden's Birthday, August 8

To celebrate Canadian Member of Parliament and hockey legend Ken Dryden's August 8th birthday, the Utopia Suite Project is publishing the entire version of 'Ken Dryden' on the web for the first time. So far, this computer generated art-cinema-web hybrid work has been projected in theatres (Toronto International Film Festival/Camera 2008 and Jhilava IDFF 2008), in galleries (WNDX/PLATFORM in Winnipeg and Thames Art Gallery in Chatham), and in a douglas fir box enclosure (AIPAD 2009 in NYC, and Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto this version is called 'Ken Dryden in the Box'). It will continue to travel the globe in different forms, and now via the internet.

Ken Dryden is one part of artist Clive Holden's multi-year project, Utopia Suite, that was launched in Toronto (Images Festival) and Amsterdam (Rotterdam/Holland Festival) in 2006. It's a work of 'dynamic cinema' made with a hybrid mix of found materials, crude cinema tools and web technology such as animated GIFs (simple web image sequences) and html. You'll never see and hear it the same way twice as the tiles are loaded randomly each time the work cycles. The images and soundtrack re-mix continuously, there's no beginning, middle, or end. It's just one of our attempts to add 'liveness' to cinema.

The Utopia Suite Project is also partly an experiment in 'conversation-based art' and we'd like to invite people to comment on and discuss this work on our new Ken Dryden Conversation page.


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