Saturday, May 30, 2009

OFF WORLD Closing Reception Tonight

Saturday May 30, 7 pm - 9 pm

Join us for a drink at CAMERA and experience this 24 hour Site Specific installation. Filmmaker Mateo Guez, artist Andrew Mallis and I collaborated on this virtual exhibition and installation.

for more details check out:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Free FILM program at CAMERA


Dir. Steve Gebhardt, John Lennon and Yoko Ono (USA, 1972) 70 mins

Dir. David Leaf and John Scheinfeld (USA, 2006) 99 mins

Benoit Aquin's Chinese Dust Bowl at Galerie Pagnée

We are pleased to announce that gallery artist Benoit Aquin, winner of the Prix Pictet 2008, will be exhibiting "Chinese Dust Bowl" at Galerie Pagnée from May 15 to June 30th.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clive Holden's Y.O.U. (Your Own Utopia)

Clive Holden's Y.O.U. (Your Own Utopia) on-line questionnaire, the Manitoba Version

What Would Manitoba Look Like Today if Louis Riel Had Succeeded?

He's many Canadians' favourite political hero/folk hero. What if Louis Riel had joined forces with Sitting Bull and the Dakota Sioux? Would the country still stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific? Was the Métis leader's vision of a homeland across Western Canada a utopian dream, in other words something desirable and also impossible? Would we have a different system of government today? Whose head would be on our money? Whose God in our constitution? The "Father of Manitoba" did speak of his divine direction, that God chose him as a prophet for his people. How many of our best leaders have this belief? Does it matter, if they lead us well? Louis Riel was executed for high treason. How many of our most visionary utopians have we lost in this way?

Exhibition June 6 to 30, 2009, presented by the WNDX Festival of Film & Video Art at PLATFORM Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts, Winnipeg.

Opening reception and Big Disco Party: Friday, June 5, 2009 @ 8 pm+.

Artist's Lecture and Utopian Conversation: Saturday, June 6, 2009 @ 2 pm, Winnipeg Cinematheque.

More information:
WNDX Festival of Film & Video Art
PLATFORM Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts

Grange Prize: Winner Announced

Winner of the 2009 Grange Prize: Marco A. Cruz

The annual $50,000 Grange Prize is the largest of its kind in Canada and its recipient is the only one chosen entirely by the public. Every year select photographers from Canada and a different country are nominated, and the public votes to determine the winner. This year's partnering country was Mexico. A selection of works from all four candidates will be on display at the AGO until June 26, 2009.

To learn more about the Grange Prize and the participating artists visit

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Opening Images

Noel studying the images.

Ritchie York speaking about John & Yoko's Bed-in for Peace

Stephen Bulger at the Opening

Book Signing with Joan Athey

Sam playing the Guitar.

Opening Tonight 5 - 8 pm

“Give Peace A Chance” is an exhibition of works by

Exhibition Dates: May 26 – June 2, 2009
Special Exhibition Hours: Open 24 hours

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Bed-in for Peace in Montréal at the Stephen Bulger Gallery. “Give Peace A Chance” is a collection of powerful images shot by photographer Gerry Deiter in 1969 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Monday, May 25, 2009

FREE film Screenings at CAMERA: Give Peace a Chance

Tuesday, May 26

Dir. David Leaf and John Scheinfeld (USA, 2006) 99 mins
Dir. Steve Gebhardt, John Lennon and Yoko Ono (USA, 1972) 70 mins

Wednesday, May 27

Dir. Steve Gebhardt, John Lennon and Yoko Ono (USA, 1972) 70 mins
Dir. Julie Taymor (USA, 2007) 133 mins

Thursday, May 28

Dir. David Leaf and John Scheinfeld (USA, 2006) 99 mins
Dir. Julie Taymor (USA, 2007) 133 mins

Friday, May 29

Dir. Steve Gebhardt, John Lennon and Yoko Ono (USA, 1972) 70 mins
Dir. David Leaf and John Scheinfeld (USA, 2006) 99 mins

Saturday, May 30

Dir. Julie Taymor (USA, 2007) 133 mins

Sunday, May 31

Dir. David Leaf and John Scheinfeld (USA, 2006) 99 mins
Dir. Steve Gebhardt, John Lennon and Yoko Ono (USA, 1972) 70 mins

Monday, June 1

Dir. David Leaf and John Scheinfeld (USA, 2006) 99 mins
Dir. Steve Gebhardt, John Lennon and Yoko Ono (USA, 1972) 70 mins
Dir. Julie Taymor (USA, 2007) 133 mins

Camera is located at 1028 Queen Street West, next door to the gallery;

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Spring Wedding Show

We are really pleased to have been invited to participate in The Wedding Co.'s unique Spring Wedding Show in the Park.

You can find us at the Registry booth!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

CAMERA film this Saturday

Saturday, May 23rd at 3pm

Dir. Marc Forster (USA, 2007) 128 mins

Set in the 1970s, The Kite Runner tells the story of Amir, a young boy from the Wazir Akbar Khan district of Kabul, who betrayed his best friend Hassan, the son of his father's servant, and lives in regret. In 1979, the Russians invade Afghanistan and Amir and his father escape to Pakistan and then to the United States. After the death of his father, Amir, now a famous novelist, receives a phone call from an old family friend, who discloses secrets about his family, which forces Amir to return to Peshawar, Pakistan, in a journey of redemption.

Camera is located at 1025 Queen Street West, next to the Stephen Bulger Gallery; 416.530.0011;

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long Weekend with CONTACT!

Screening- CONTACT 918 Projections

Saturday May 16, 12-4pm
918 Bathurst St.

Projections will be presented every Saturday in May showcasing images that have been submitted by a global network of photographers. Daily feeds of images accompanied by interactive installations encourage audience participation. CONTACT 918 strives to connect photographers and communities, both local and international.

CONTACT and Inside Out co-present
If One Thing Matters- A Film About Wolfgang

Sunday May 17, 2:30pm
Directed by Heiko Kalmback
72 min

Tickets: 2 Carlton St, West Mezzanine (past elevators, through glass doors on the right)

If One Thing Matters- A Film About Wolfgang Tillmans
In his early twenties, German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans rose to fame in the 1990s with his iconic imagery of gay subculture showcasing friends, fashion and nightclub activity. Tillmans topped the artistic charts because of his renowned experimentations with the photographic process. Filmmaker Heiko Kalmbach follows Tillmans over the course of four years, providing an intimate and candid portrait of the London-based photographer in this remarkably compelling documentary.

Friday, May 15, 2009

CAMERA film this Saturday

Saturday May 16th at 3 PM

Dir. Orson Welles (USA, 1941) 119 mins

An undisputed cinematic masterpiece. When newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) dies, his last word is “Rosebud”. In an attempt to figure out the meaning of this word, a reporter tracks down the people who worked and lived with Kane; they tell their stories in a series of flashbacks that reveal much about Kane's life but not enough to unlock the riddle of his dying breath.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

CONTACT Events Tonight!

Feature Exhibition Opening Receptions

6 - 9pm, Free
Eldon Garnet - Dominion and Categories of Disappearance
21 Morrow Ave

6 - 9pm, Free
Hank Willis Thomas - Visionary Delusions
133 Tecumseth St.

Lecture- Images of Persuasion
918 Bathurst St.
6:30pm, $10 in advance/$12 at the door

The Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC) invites you to an evening with Terry O'Reilly, host, creator and co-writer of CBC radio series, Age of Persuasion. Known as a delightful raconteur and scholar of media literature, his day job as one of the top directors of radio and TV commercials affords him a unique perspective on marketing and how it has changed the way we react to media.

Lecture- Quick Fix with Vanessa Gronowski & Zach Slootsky

The Drake Hotel
1150 Queen St. W
7pm, Free

Come to the Drake every Thursday for Quick Fix; spontaneous performance art and other cultural happenings. This week, Vanessa Gronoswki explores photo blogging and how the presence of a photographer can transform the nature of an event.

Artist Talk- Mike Robinson: Daguerreotypes, Past and Present

The Campbell House Museum
160 Queen St. W
8pm, Free

Using nineteenth-century examples and images from his own work, Mike Robinson will discuss the evolution of the daguerreotype process and illustrate what makes this form of photography so fascinating and collectible. Robinson, a Professor in Ryerson's School of Image Arts, is Canada's only practising daguerreotypist. His striking daguerreotype portraits of Toronto photographers are a highlight in the CONTACT Feature exhibition First Revolution, 1839: Daguerreotypes and the Intimate Gaze at Campbell House Museum.

Screening- Louie Palu The Bovine
542 Queen St. W
10pm, Free

Louie Palu's video footage documents the war in Afghanistan's Southern Provinces of Kandahar and Helmand while he was embedded with Canadian, British and American troops in 2008. The video contextualizes Palu's public installation, War Zone Graffiti, located throughout the Queen West neighbourhood and Ace Lane - the alleyway behind the Shanghai Cowgirl.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CONTACT event Tonight!

Panel Discussion - Sophie Hackett, Bonnie Rubenstein & David Liss

Wednesday May 13, 7 - 8pm
The Drake Hotel
1150 Queen St W

A lively conversation with CONTACT curators Hackett (AGO), Liss (MOCCA) and Rubenstein (CONTACT) to examine the current climate surrounding the medium of photography and the CONTACT 2009 theme Still Revolution.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carnival: The Spirit and The Soul

May 21 – October 11, 2009

Varley Art Gallery, Unionville, ON

Guest-Curated by Teodoro Dragonieri and Christopher Jackson

Carnival: The Spirit and the Soul is a multi-media exhibition that uses theatrical narrative and the mask as an element of storytelling, common to virtually every world culture.
A photography component will include the work of Michael Semak, Teodoro Dragonieri and our gallery artist Vincenzo Pietropaolo.

Vince’s photographs capture the complexity of immigrant, refugee and working class experience in Central and South American as expressed through the integration of the mask to religious processionals and carnival celebrations.

Mask makers such as Trish Leeper, Robert Faust, Paolo and Paola Consiglio, and Esther Dragonieri will showcase masks drawing from traditional and modern responses to the themes of religious and cultural narrative. Their masks will stand in similarity and contrast to the historic wooden masks from the Indonesia, Mexico, and Japan.

To find out more about the exhibition you can visit the Varley Art Gallery website.

Monday, May 11, 2009

JIM GOLDBERG at the Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation and Magnum Paris

Gallery artist and Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg will be exhibiting at the Henry Cartier Bresson Foundation and the Magnum Gallery in Paris.

Open See

May 5th - July 26th, 2009
Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation

Goldberg's photographs examine the plight of refugees, immigrants and victims of human trafficking in Europe. In conjunction with the exhibition is the release of my book "Open See", published by Steidl, Germany, June 2009.

Rich & Poor
May 6th - July 17th, 2009

Magnum Gallery, Paris

The photographs in this exhibition constitute a shocking and gripping portrait of contemporary America. Jim Goldberg's photographs of rich and poor people, with the subjects' own handwritten comments about themselves on the prints, give us an inside look at the American dream at both ends of the social scale. His pictures reveal his subjects' innermost fears and aspirations, their perceptions and illusions about themselves, with a frankness that makes the portraits as engrossing as they are disturbing.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Gallery artists Sanaz Mazinani, Susan Meiselas, and Larry Towell will be opening their exhibitions tonight at 80 Spadina.

Sanaz Mazinani: Iran Revisited

May 1st - June 6th, 2009
Opening Reception with the artist: May 8th, 6-8 pm.
Toronto Image Works Gallery, 80 Spadina, Suite 207

Sanaz Mazinani's colour diptychs and marquee photographs explore the physical landscape and human faces of contemporary Iran, her country of origin. Each image contains its own narrative qualities and together they create a complex portrait of the country. From painted portraits of young martyrs slowly peeling from the exterior walls of mosques, to a still life of the architectural remnants of the Persian Empire, these photographs depict the different ideologies that overlap in Iran¹s contemporary landscape.

Curated by Bonnie Rubenstein, Director of Contact Toronto Photography Festival.

Magnum Photos: States of Conflict
Bruno Barbey, Thomas Dworzak, Stuart Franklin, Magnum in Motion, Susan Meiselas, Larry Towell

May 1st - 31st, 2009
Opening reception: May 8, 7-10pm

CONTACT Gallery, 80 Spadina, Suite 310

Magnum Photos: States of Conflict examines some of the watershed moments of civic transformation over the last 40 years. Since 1948, Magnum photographers have been depicting conflict around the world, and the collective’s force reflects photography’s enduring power as a tool for change. The images in this exhibition reveal the intrepid persistence and unique personal vision of their makers.

In 1979, American photographer Susan Meiselas documented the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua. Twenty-five years later, she returned to the region with murals of images she made during the insurrection and installed them in the public spaces where the photographs were originally taken. Meiselas’ photographs capture the sites of collective remembrance she created in her project Reframing History.

Canada’s Larry Towell shows black-and-white photographs that depict anger and fear, aggression and assault. Reminiscent of his images of conflict in the West Bank, these images were captured while dodging hurtling rocks and flying tear gas canisters. Perhaps surprisingly, they portray the police and RCMP riot police confronting demonstrators opposed to the expansion of the North American Free Trade Agreement in Quebec City, 2001.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

FREE Saturday Film Screening in CAMERA: LAMENT

May 9th, 2009

3:00 PM

Dir. Hirokazu Koreeda (Japan, 1999) 118 mins

If you had to choose your single happiest memory, what would it be? In After Life the recently deceased are asked this question. Aided by guides who help them sift through their past, they are given three days to come up with an answer. Once a decision is reached, the guides recreate this happiest of memories and capture it on film, giving the deceased a very personal heaven they will enter for eternity. With exquisite beauty, After Life shows us that while the memories people choose may seem simple, be it a first kiss or a last cigarette, their meaning lies in the sense they give of living in the moment and feeling truly and fully alive. And while these memories may seem simple, deciding upon them is no easy task. Using humor and compassion the 'guides' lead, urge and cajole their 'clients' to discover meaning and value in their past, for without a decision the dead will be stuck in limbo, forever recreating and filming the happiness of others.

Camera is located at 1028 Queen Street West, Toronto,

Pete Doherty: A Life Exposed

Gallery artist Pete Doherty was recently covered by Michael Talbot of CityNews!!! Congratulations Pete!

Mark Dummett, The Docks, Toronto, 2005

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CONTACT events Tomorrow Night May 7th!

Below is a list of some exciting exibitions opening in the City tonight:

Anteroom, James Nizam

Parasite Paradise: 1999-2009, Paul de Guzman


Good Timing/ Bad Timing M + M


Every Building in the City of Toronto
Christian Giroux, Daniel Young

MAGNUM Photographers: Lecture
For those of you interested in photo journalism the Magnum Lecture tonight should be one not to miss. Canadian Christopher Anderson will be joining fellow Magnum photographers David Alan Harvey
and Peter Marlow to discuss their personal perspectives on creating images in relation to this year's festival theme Still Revolution. At the Drake Hotel: 7PM Free

Monday, May 4, 2009


This lecture is tonight and should be really good!

When: Monday, May 4, 7 pm
Where: Library Building, Room 72 (350 Victoria Street at Gould Street)
Free: Arrive early for guaranteed seating.

Jorge Ribalta, curator of the internationally acclaimed exhibition Universal Archive. The Condition of the Document and the Modern Photographic Utopia at the Museu D'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), walks us through the exhibition, which is nothing short of revolutionary in its scope and reflections on the major movements and micro-histories of photography. Through montage and dialectical juxtaposition of images, Ribalta raises some of the most burning questions facing documentary media today.

André Malraux
selecting photographs for Le Musée imaginaire,Paris, c. 1947
Copyright Maurice Jarnoux/Paris Match/Scoop, 2008

UNIVERSAL ARCHIVE. The Condition of the Document and the Modern Photographic Utopia is and exhibition that brings together nearly 2,000 documents (of which the almost 1,000 vintage photographs and prints are of particular interest) dating from 1851 to 2008 by some 250 photographers, including Lewis Hine, Eugene Atget, Herbert Bayer, August Sander, Robert Adams, Martha Rosler and William Klein to name a few. Going beyong the presentation of a single, linear narration through the history of photography, the display offers an entire constellation of narratives on the genealogy of the document: the historic photographis missions. the reformist document, the workers' photography movement, exhibitions, advertising, projects based around ethnography and the documentation of cities, and so on. The exhibition is brought to a close by the commission that initiated UNIVERSAL ARCHIVE: the Barcelona 2007 Photographic Mission, which provides sixteen new looks at the city of the future.

For more information on this lecture visit