Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ryerson New Media META 2009

Last night some of the gallery staff took a stroll between the three galleries hosting year-end festivities for students of Ryerson’s Image Arts Program. As always there was plenty to see in the fourth year photo exhibition Maximum Exposure. It was encouraging to see a full wall in Lennox Gallery dedicated to historical processes in a medium which is so quickly evolving from its roots. Despite some standout efforts, the highlight of the evening came about four blocks east of Max Ex at the Boroughs building, where perched on the third floor, META, the New Media year end show opened its doors.

Beautifully curated and heavily attended META showed a wide array of interactive, kinetic and static pieces, ranging from a 1000 long wish list printed on spare change to an interactive display chronicling the love affairs and loneliness of Craigslist. Perched in the center of this was a steadily evolving sand sculpture being robotically raked into an infinity sign.

I was truly impressed at the quality of work presented. At no point did I have a moment where the value of something had to be justified as “student work.” Each and every piece was original, professional and showed a great effort on the part of the artists involved.

For all of you that have struggled to define the meaning of new media, I strongly recommend a trip to the boroughs building for some lovely clarification.

META runs:
From April 16th to 18th 2009

For information on the exhibition visit:

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