Thursday, February 26, 2009

FREE Satuday Screening at CAMERA: On Reading

February 28th, 2009

3:00 PM

Kultur Films Inc. (USA, 2006) 30 mins.

This documentary presents André Kertész in his own words, explaining many of his photographs and sharing his memories. He discusses his provincial life in Hungary, central Europe in the First World War, Paris in the glorious time between the wars, and famous friends like Colette, Eisenstein, Chagall and Mondrian.

Dir. Robert Stevenson (USA, 1944) 97 mins.

Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Brontë in 1847, was made in into a film by Robert Stevenson in 1944. The film tells the story of Jane Eyre (Joan Fontaine), a poor and plain orphan, who comes to Thornfield Hall as governess to the ward of Edward Rochester (Orson Welles). Denied love all her life, Jane becomes attracted to the intelligent, vibrant, energetic Mr. Rochester, a man twice her age. She soon realizes that there is something odd in the house and she regularly sees shadowy figures in windows or hears voices. As she and her new employers develop a deep affection for one another, the secret of the Rochester household threatens to keep them apart.

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