Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Erin Haydn O'Neill "Ambiances d'artistes"

Ambiances d’artistes, published by Les Éditions de La Martinière in 2008, is Erin O’Neill’s first book and documents the homes and studios of artists around the world. She examines the rapport between art and its surroundings, focusing on its dependence upon architectural, atmospherical, cultural, and human contexts. O’Neill’s photographs of gardens, villas, and studios are developed into aesthetic atmospheres through the repositioning or addition of furniture, art, historical decoration, and other elements of this kind.

Ambiances d’artistes was first released in French and German in 2008, and a second printing in English will be out next year.

For more information on the book and Erin Haydn O’Neill’s work:

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