Friday, February 27, 2009

Clive Holden’s UTOPIA SUITE, + Y.O.U. (Your Own Utopia)

Y.O.U. is a new part of Clive Holden’s multi-year Utopia Suite project. Starting now, he will be collecting questionnaire results from the web + regional libraries. Holden will then organize them, merge them with a variety media, and present them at and in an artist’s lecture at the Media City Festival 2009.

He wants you to remember your lost utopian visions, hope-reviving epiphanies, shelved epic-heroic novel manuscripts, or dusty drawer brilliant blueprints. You can fill-in the Y.O.U. (Your Own Utopia) questionnaire at:


So, who would U include?

The Utopia Hall of Fame is part of Utopia Suite Disco, which encourages you to move as part of a renewed, process-oriented utopianism (think cinema, dancing, running like a kid, or nomadic cultures). Instead of static buildings and old notions of nation-building, we’re shifting focus to organic and dynamic forms, modeled on the structures found in nature.

The members of our Utopia Hall of Fame were selected because they've explored or described visions of a better way of life (writers, philosophers, environmentalists, visionary politicians), or they've experimented with alternative structures (artists, anarchists, musicians). But you might have different ideas...

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